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Currently working on our first full-length screenplay, a romantic comedy entitled "Hair Guy", this is a new area for us. Fortunately, with many years in the industry, we've got a great network of contacts, from Script Doctors to Producers.  We'll keep you posted on this one, but we're really excited about it!  In the meantime, let us know if you've got the next Hollywood Blockbuster hiding out in your MT Head...


This is where we cut our teeth.  For more than 20 years, and from the halls of Berklee College of Music to the A&R department at Columbia Records, music has always been a passion.  It is this passion that has kept us involved in the industry, despite the significant changes over the past decade an a half.  We are currently working with up and coming musicians from all genres to develop the next line of talent (like REAL talent) for all the world to experience.  Our motto is that, in life and everything else, it's always better when you "FACE THE MUSIC". 


We've placed commercials and still shoots for companies like: Google, Microsoft, T-Mobile, MLB, Philip Morris, Kohls, Persol, Bojangles, Buick, Edward Jones, Shape Up, The LA Clippers, L&M, Microsoft and Apple...to name a few.

Our properties have also shown up in television and movies such as:  About Last Night, Scandal, Secrets & Lies, Rekon, Bosch and New Girl...among others.   

Wanna see your property in the movies or on TV?  It's a great source of ancillary income.  Email us with some photos and a good way to reach you, and we will be in touch (Southern California only, please)!   


As you can see, we have our hands in a lot of $h!t (and not in a smelly, unsanitary kind of way).  All the different things that we do put us into contact with lots of different types of people.  Many times, those people can help us to help you.  Basically, what we're saying here is we have contacts.  If this was 1990, we'd call it a "totally bodacious Rollodex".  Anyway, in Hollywood, it isn't WHAT you know, it's WHO you know...and we're like that guy at the party who knows everyone.  Let us help you to know people, also.  No matter what it is you want to do, chances are we can get you in touch with someone who can make it happen.   


We are in the process of developing the next hot app for iOS and Android.  We call it "Localyze".  ​Check it out!


Our Models only work with professional photographers who have world-class credentials. Recently, Halo was invited to be a content producer/social media personality for Wilhelmina Kids' JAM Squad.  She has appeared in an Autism PSA for The Help Group, just starred in a production through the Morgan Wixon theater company, and is currently auditioning for commercial work. Surf over to her page at HaloGlam.com and then call or email us if you'd like to see her in your next successful campaign! 

  • ​Filming Locations/Scouting
  • Locations Management
  • Model and Talent Management
  • Music Production and Artist Management
  • App Development
  • Screenwriting and Script Development
  • Entertainment Marketing and Consulting
  • Much more!